Food Processing

Food Processing

The food manufacturing and citrus processing industries generate various waste materials, including high solids content with a high BOD/COD content. Effective maintenance and cleaning of equipment like clarifiers is crucial to ensure environmental protection and regulatory compliance. At Western Environmental Services, we offer clarifier management solutions tailored to the unique needs of the food manufacturing and citrus processing industries. You can rely on us for cost-effective and efficient service. 

Key Waste Removal and Disposal Services We Provide to the Food Manufacturing & Citrus Processing Industry:

  • Clarifier Management & Cleaning: Regular inspection, reliable maintenance, and expert cleaning of clarifiers to ensure you remain in compliance with regulations.
  • Wastewater Management: Ensure that wastewater does not have oil or grease concentration greater than the allowable limit before discharge.
  • Compliance Assistance: Our team provides guidance on regulatory compliance, ensuring your food manufacturing operations adhere to all applicable waste management regulations. 

Why Choose Western Environmental Services for Your Food Processing Waste Management Needs?

  1. With 35+ years of experience, we’re a trusted partner in food manufacturing and citrus processing waste management.
  2. We prioritize environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance in handling your waste responsibly.
  3. Our tailored solutions address the food processing industry’s unique needs, promoting efficiency, sustainability, and regulatory compliance.
  4. Our dedicated team provides outstanding customer service by understanding and addressing your specific requirements.

Enhance your food manufacturing and citrus processing clarifier management with Western Environmental Services. Call us at (626) 339-2340 or click the button below to learn more about our services for the construction industry.

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